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Goldilocks Five Golden Rules

Goldilocks has five golden rules for hosting the best kids parties, read them here!


1. Book your venue early!

Places can get booked up to 6 months in advance and a venue can be one of the trickiest things to secure.

2. Book your entertainment early!

We hate turning people away, so always try and book your entertainment at least 2-3 months in advance so we can ensure we can secure you the perfect entertainers for your event.

3. Make sure your venue has enough space for games and entertainment

It might seem obvious, but 30 children often means 30+ adults too. Our packages often desire a large clear space for lots of dancing and running around - so make sure there’s enough space at the venue for everyone to enjoy the party!

4. Have a separate space for adults and kids whilst the entertainment is taking place

If you are having a drop off party this isn’t an issue, but if you want to host for adults too it can be really distracting for the children if everyone is in the same echoey room. Many venues have a separate area available where you can host drinks and snacks for the adults whilst the children enjoy the entertainment. It also means the entertainer isn’t competing with the noise levels of lots of chatting parents too. This way everyone will definitely get the most enjoyment out of the party!

5. Keep the food (and any other distractions) out of the space during the entertainment

We love to take children with us on an exciting adventure into a magical world and to do so it's best to have as little distractions as possible. So we always recommend keeping a nice clear space free of toys and to serve the food after the games and adventure are finished.

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